Building Better Lives is dedicated
to improving the lives of low-income people,
one building at a time.

WHPC understands that affordable housing has the opportunity -- and responsibility -- to provide a place for families to live safely, access better education, utilize public transportation, and take advantage of community programs and services.

To reinforce this mission, we fundraise to better support communities and provide the resources residents need. From ADA-compliant amenities to crisis intervention, from yearly backpack drives to installing free internet access, WHPC delivers products residents depend upon to lead healthier, more productive and fulfilling lives.

Healthy Choices

WHPC provides fitness equipment because exercise helps maintain a healthy weight, improves mood, combats health conditions, promotes better sleep, and boosts energy.



Technology is vital for individuals with disabilities, seniors, and low-income households. WHPC aims to provide internet access to all our residents for better communication, employment, and education.


Our back-to-school fill a backpack program helps kids of all ages start the school year with the school supplies they need to succeed in spite of their circumstances.


Crisis Intervention

For a low-income family, dealing with an emergency or crisis can be devastating. WHPC is committed to hiring Service Coordinators that are equipped to provide help when it's needed most.


Our properties have amenities that exceed the Americans with Disabilities Act, to ensure those with mobility limitations greater freedom, safety, and comfort.



Without a car or money for public transportation, grocery shopping, medical appointments, or job interviews can be a daunting challenge. WHPC can provide scheduled transportation for daily needs.


On-site gardens cultivate social interaction among residents, facilitate physical activity, and improve psychological well-being and promote healthy eating.

"...I get up and check the garden every day - water it, pull a few weeds, and between [another resident] and I doing this together and hanging out more, we have made a new friendship. The whole idea of being able to garden without kneeling and straining my back was so inventive. The final and best part of all of this is that it benefits everyone in the building... Thank you again."
--Resident from Grand River in Markesan

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