Edgewater Terrace Celebrates Grand Reopening

Before & After


On Tuesday, August 23rd, Edgewater Terrace celebrated a grand reopening; the property underwent major renovations using Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC).

Affordable housing projects often do not have the resources for necessary updates, which makes LIHTC imperative to helping a project succeed. It took two rounds of applications before winning the award, but Edgewater Terrace had the full support of the community.

β€œ[Edgewater Terrace] is a property that had been tax-exempt, but because of the renovations it comes back on the tax roll,” Greg Buckley, the City of Two Rivers Manager, said in the Grand Reopening Celebration on Tuesday. β€œIt meets the needs of 40 families from the area with very safe, affordable, and very nice housing. It was really a win-win.”

Read the Herald Times Reporter article here to learn more about the Tax Credit Rehabilitation at Edgewater Terrace.

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