A Letter from WHPC President Mary Wright


As we move forward and strategize for WHPC’s future, our mission continues to grow to meet the changing needs of our communities.

 For nearly 15 years, WHPC has successfully preserved affordable housing for seniors, families, and people with special needs. Although we have been working hard at this goal, we know more is necessary. When our country experienced economic loss with the financial downturn over the last decade, WHPC was able to provide housing and community services to help people. We must continue this mission to provide and maintain growth and stability with housing.

It is a fact that since 1975, wages in the United States have stagnated while the costs of living, housing, education, transportation, and medical care have grown at much higher rates. This means that many people are stretching the same dollar over higher costs. We must find a way to solve this because whether it is going to college, starting a business, buying a new car, taking a trip, or obtaining better health care -- any of those might be eliminated in someone’s future because it simply became unaffordable.

We hope you can be one of our partners to ensure we meet this goal. I look forward to working with all of our partners and welcome your thoughts and ideas on how we can advance our mission and see a return on our investment through making a difference in people’s lives. Building Better Lives can start with your support of the idea that affordable housing is absolutely critical and your awareness that every donation counts.

All of our causes, whether it is ensuring residents have free access to the internet, setting up garden beds at each property, or hosting a Back-to-School drive for students, have the ability to enhance the lives of our residents. Your support enables us to expand our services, improve more lives, and fulfill our mission. We could not do this without you, and we thank you for helping our residents succeed.

Mary Wright



Mary Wright, President.     Dave Kruger, Chairman.     Ann Wenzel, Vice President.     Erbert Johnson, Treasurer.     Richard Hansen, Secretary

James Carter, Director.     Brett Gerber, Director.    Paul Senty, Director.     Dave Strelitz, Director. 


Tim Sherry, Advisor

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